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New Releases

The Boyfriend - AUDIOBOOKThis has almost been as popular as the book has been. Narrated by Alan Turton, the same talent who narrated THE TWELVE audiobook. It is available on Audible NOW!!!

The Boyfriend Cover - coming soon

the sequel to In The Mood for Murder was put on an Indiegogo campaign. I needed to my £500 in order to get the editing and artwork done. We hit that and are very happy that we now have the resources to get the work done on it.
The book itself has gone to Lisa Lee Tone for editing, and we are due a release in November.
December brings the release of Reboot: A Cosmic Horror from D&T publishings.Im looking forward to the release of this as it's a book Im rather proud of. It is a horror comedy, that I have loosely based the characters around the people I worked with in the IT department for all those (horrible) years.The first draft of By Descent is complete, and I really love how this has come out.I have started work on The Stinky Stump, part of my extreme series, and I have just submitted a short story for a haunted house anthology... so it is ALL GO over at Dammaged Towers.